Our Services

We provide high quality services to deliver the best design and offer solutions for a wide range of buildings such as: villas, hotels, hospitals, offices, etc. Furthermore we supply furniture, external and internal finishing materials such as: flooring, wooden works, lighting , etc; as well as military supplies or customized products upon request.

Our success is the result of a focus on a single, simple guiding principle - treat all our clients with respect and give them the products and services they need to build their businesses. We ensure the client to have the products they need - when and where they need them.

ItalianProjects uses its expertise and understanding of local market along with its international manufacturers to provide you with:

  • Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Interior design services
  • Supervision during the construction phase
  • Purchasing/supply management
  • Procurement
  • Marketing / brand awareness
  • Logistical and operational support
  • Customs processing
  • Products distribution and installation
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Local Market knowhow
  • Back office support
  • Cost management