Our Products


We supply doors that combine together all these ingredients: excellent materials, craftsmanship, Italian know-how and deep knowledge of the industry in all its phases: in order to enrich every home interior design.
Durable solutions that fit the local environment



We supply ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass mosaics, special pieces, wood or vinyl flooring etc. suitable for dry and wet or humid rooms, for internal or external walls and floors.
We are able to give the ideal solutions for high traffic places but also for residential architecture, industry or service sector. Thanks to our partnership with some of the biggest Italian manufacturers we are able to offer our customers a wide range of solutions, prices and standards.



Thanks to its international experience and knowledge of Italian market our Team is able to support our clients in the purchase of a wide range of products, not only for building purposes, such as vehicles.
On the basis of clients specific requests we research and analyze the adequate manufacturers and products that meet their needs.



We supply a wide range of granites, marbles and stones of Italian origin.
The processing work extends from quarrying the solid stone to cutting it into thin, large-sized slabs or other specific shapes. All products in our range can be customized to meet our customers’ specific requirements with regard to size, color and shape. We guarantee high tech production technology that reduce wastage during production and construction activities. 



We offer a wide range of Italian furniture, for indoor or outdoor uses, for residential building, offices, retails, etc that combine high-quality materials with a timeless design
A lot of products in our range can be customized to meet our customers’ specific requirements and to reflects the character of those who will use them. Italianprojects is able to supply, for both big and small size projects: sofas, kitchens, beds, dining tables and chairs, cabinet, etc .



We supply a vast range of Clay products, which goes from facing elements for coverings and masonry to those brick elements for structural protected masonry. In addition to a wide range of floor tiles in terracotta and relative special pieces and accessories which can be the response to the best building solutions for any architectural need.
They are environmentally responsible products that increase the efficiency of buildings’ envelope providing an high thermal insulation that permit the reduction of the consumptions costs and significantly enhance the level of comfort in the building.



We offer the widest and most prestigious range of asphalt shingles available on the market.
Thanks to the outstanding technical and aesthetic features, the collection of shingles and tiles meet any design requirement and offer exceptional weather resistance and along maintenance-free life. Moreover, they are fast and easy to install: valuable benefits for life.