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    over 20 years Arab-Italian venture

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    Our goal is to improve

    cities,homes,offices and buildings

    aiming to increase quality life

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    committed to respond quickly

    to short notice tasking

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ITALIAN PROJECTS is over 20 years Arab-Italian venture, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The company was established aiming to provide optimized local support, market information both for customers and manufacturers, consultancy and architectural services, technical, logistical and operational support: particularly to Italian Companies doing or intending to do business in the United Arab Emirates and in the GCC area.

With the vision of our leadership team, the personal commitment, and the passion of our professionals we deliver real value to our clients and meet their needs and expectations.

ItalianProjects is constantly comitted to respond quickly to short notice tasking, accelerated work schedules and to the management of multiple simultaneous projects. Having representatives both in Italy and the UAE, supplying quality products and services that fully meet the requirements of our customers, in a profitable manner, we build relationships and drive successful businesses.

ItalianProjects, thanks to its partnership with Idroesse Infrastructure LLC and Pool Engineering, an Italian engineering and architecture company, has the resources, experience, and capabilities aso to prove clients with high quality design and efficient supervision services.


Over 20 Years of Experience


Design and Supervision of works


Consultancy Services


Customer Relationship Management


VIP Services


Products Selection And Distribution


Italian Arab Management


Big Enough to Deliver


Small Enough to Cake


International Knowledge Local Experience.

Building Installation

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Industrial Services

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Fuel Supply and Management

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Industrial Control

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Ideation Phase


Project Phase


Work Realization


Construction Management


Focus our best attention on all our customers’ needs, both large and small from planning through post-construction phases.

Supply a wide range of quality products to our customers that reaches into different locations: private residences, offices, hotel, school, military sites etc

Create value for our shareholders by creating value for our customers, and this by creating the capacity to generate value in our employees.

Provide immediate access to world-class design and manufacturing, together with efficient product distribution.


Italianprojects mission is to serve its customers with quality construction services, which adds value to their projects. 
From planning through post construction, we are committed to the project and the team, and serve our clients by evaluating alternative solutions, providing creativity, and continuously challenging ideas to find the best options.

  • Cost management
  • Trade Prequalification / Solicitation
  • Purchasing / Scope Management
  • “Wish List” Management
  • Commissionability / Maintainability Reviews
  • Building and Villas Construction
  • Site Evaluation and Test Fit
  • Commissioning Services
  • MEP Support


Global Partner


Client Testimonials

Excellent Co-ordination and expertise to complete and handover the project on time.

Mark Manager - HOTEL SAVOIA

We were able to visualise our dream home before the start of the project and it was completed as we have visualised.

Alia Villa Owner

I would highly recommend their class of work to all. There design tips provided and unique and raises the standards of home building.

Shamsa Home Owner